Mainnet on Bloxberg

MainNet on bloxberg is the production network for staking and research
Requirements for running a node on polygon:
  • Ubuntu 20.04 server or new
  • NETWORK defined into the config file. ( NETWORK=AUTO or NETWORK=BLOXBERG)
Config file example:

You can either manually update the settings in the config file or just upgrade to the latest git version and run the installer to select the appropriate option for you:

$ cd ~/mvp-pox-node && sudo git pull && ./
*** 1. Automatic = This option will set polygon Mainnet if your wallet has MATIC, otherwise will set bloxberg Mainnet (recommended for most users)
*** 4. bloxberg Mainnet (ETNY) = This option will set bloxberg Mainnet
Useful information:
BLOXBERG_CONTRACT_ADDRESS: 0x549A6E06BB2084100148D50F51CF77a3436C3Ae7 BLOXBERG_HEARTBEAT_CONTRACT_ADDRESS: 0x5c190f7253930C473822AcDED40B2eF1936B4075
You can verify if the node makes a contract call on Polygon at this link: