Ethernity Docs

Open Beta Staking dApp

Steps necessary to start testing the staking dApp
In order for the community to familiarize itself with the staking process, we are launching the Ethernity Cloud Open Beta staking dApp.
If you'd like to take part in the test staking process, the necessary steps are:
  • import a test staker wallet address in MetaMask as shown in the Import private key section
  • import a test node operator wallet address in MetaMask as shown in the Import private key section
  • get tETNY (test ETNY) from homepage on the test staker wallet address after you connect your wallet to the staking dApp
  • get MATIC from Mumbai testnet on the Polygon at: https://faucet.polygon.technology/ to be able to submit staking transactions on the Polygon Mumbai testnet blockchain.
  • Make sure you get MATIC on both staker and node operator wallets. Only get tETNY on the staker wallet
  • create base and extended staking pools and verify logic and functionality
  • If you were able to find any bugs, please report them at https://github.com/ethernity-cloud/ethernity-staking-dapp/issues/new/choose. First 10 unique bugs verified by our team will be rewarded with 1000 ETNY tokens each. Make sure you submit your email address when reporting the bug so out team could reach you.
No rewards will be calculated or sent to any wallet addresses during the Open Beta
Test period is planned from 30.09.2022 until 17.10.2022