Welcome to Ethernity CLOUD's staking dApp

In the Ethernity CLOUD ecosystem, we are welcoming both stakers and node operators to our custom staking solution. Take part in our global Web 3.0 decentralized confidential computing ecosystem and maximize gains!

The base stake is the required minimum amount of 1,976 ETNY tokens allocated to your base stake wallet, and it is mandatory for creating an operational node. Base stake rewards are exclusively dedicated to the node operators. The base stake may suffer penalties, if the node is off, or malfunctioning. Provisions must be taken to avoid this from happening. If you are a token holder interested in staking, you may allocate your ETNY tokens to node operators, as part of the extended staking process (detailed below). The minimum required stake for a fully operational node is 5,000 ETNY. This includes the 1,976 ETNY base stake and the minimum extended stake of 3,024 ETNY.

The extended stake is the process of allocating your ETNY tokens to operator nodes via our Staking dApp. Token delegation may be performed either on the staker’s own nodes or to other node operators, within our ecosystem. The extended stake provider and the node operator will enter into an agreement and share staking rewards. The operator reward split will be set by the extended stake provider. Keep in mind that the reward split has to be attractive to the node operators, to ensure that your extended stake allocation is accepted. The maximum amount of ETNY that can be staked on each node is 75,000 ETNY, this includes both base and extended stake. Please note that staking rewards may be received only if the node is fully functional. The extended stake will not suffer any penalties if the node is off or malfunctioning.

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