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Troubleshooting issues

Common Troubleshooting Steps for Node Setup

1. Node Installation Successful, But No Contract Calls:

If your node is installed but you do not see any contract calls on the or
  • Check your configuration file to ensure the wallet address is correct:
$ cd ~/mvp-pox-node $ cat config
  • Check and restart the etny service
$ sudo systemctl status etny-vagrant

2. Error: SGX Not Enabled or Properly Configured:

If you encounter an SGX-related error:

3. Installer Error - UFW:

If you're receiving the error:
"Ftaller error: ufw allow out from any to SIP port 4001" command failed with exit code 1
It's possible there's a DNS issue:
  1. 1.
    Ensure your DNS server is able to resolve the domain names:
  • ""
  • ""
  • ""
  1. 2.
    Test DNS resolution using ping:
$ ping
Repeat the ping command for the other domains to verify they can be resolved.

4. Cleanup VM Not Working:

If you try to destroy the VM with the command:
$ sudo vagrant destroy -f
and it doesn't work, you might need to remove Vagrant completely and then reinstall it. To do this:
  1. 1.
    Remove Vagrant's data directory:
$ sudo rm -rf ~/.vagrant.d
  1. 2.
    Remove Vagrant from your system:
$ sudo apt-get remove vagrant
  1. 3.
    Run your installer script:
$ sudo ./

5. Collect the logs and share them as a text file on Discord.

$ cd ~/mvp-pox-node && sudo vagrant ssh -c "cat /var/log/etny-node.log && cat /home/vagrant/etny/node/config | grep -v KEY && cd /home/vagrant/etny/node/etny-repo && sudo git branch && sudo git log --pretty=format:%H -n 1 && sudo git log --pretty=format:%B -n 1"