ETNY on Bloxberg

Connecting the wallet to the Bloxberg blockchain and adding the Ethernity(ETNY) Token to our wallet.

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First step is to expand our view from the Metamask Addon to a full Firefox tab in order for us to be able to copy paste the settings easily.

Add Network

Now that our wallet has been created or restored we have to connect it to the Bloxberg blockchain to be able to access the funds. Please click on the "Add Network" button as shown below.

Bloxberg blockchain settings

Please complete the fields as shown in the picture below.

Network Name: Bloxberg

Chain ID: 8995 or 0x2323

Currency Symbol (optional): bergs

A confirmation message can be seen below when the Bloxberg network was successfully added as shown below.

Ethernity (ETNY) token

Currently we've created or restored a wallet on the Bloxberg blockchain and we can see that we have 0 bergs in our wallet below. We need bergs to pay for the transaction fee if we want to send our ENTY tokens. Sending ETNY is free we can always request more bergs from the Blockchain faucet as shown here. Now it's time to add the Ethernity token to our wallet. In order to do that click on the "Import tokens" button as shown below.

Custom Token

Click on "Custom Token" and then fill in the "Token Contract Address" which will automatically fill in the Token Symbol and Decimals of Prevision.

Token Contract Address: 0x549A6E06BB2084100148D50F51CF77a3436C3Ae7

ETNY Token

Visually confirm the ETNY token and add it to our wallet.

Done! - You're all set

Optionally, you can continue below to "Receive ETNY" and "Sent ETNY" but these steps are not required!

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