Node address and private key

How to get node wallet address and wallet private key as an operator
We are going to start our staking journey by describing how to get the node address and private key if you are a node operator.
For stakers this step is not required. You can jump straight to Import private key page.

Connect to node

You can either connect to your node directly by using a monitor and a keyboard or via a SSH connection which is covered here.


Login to the node using your username and password as shown below.
Type your username and password
Example of how it looks like after login is successful.

Get wallet details

To get the wallet address and private key we have to use the command below
cd && cd mvp-pox-node && cat config
Save the ADDRESS and PRIVATE KEY, they will be needed later
After you've saved the node wallet address and private key you can continue to the next step. This step is required on all nodes. Please make sure the ADDRESS and PRIVATE KEY are unique across all your nodes.