Blockchain Wallet

Creating the wallet

One Ethereum wallets is required to run the Ethernity client.

For Windows, open "Git Bash" and run the commands inside that window.

Clone the repository

If you have not done so already, clone the repository.

git clone
cd mvp-pox-client

ethkey is a tool written in rust coming from the openetherum project. The compiled binary contains modifications that print the checksummed address which is required for configuration.

Generate the wallet

On Windows

utils/windows/ethkey.exe generate random

secret:  ecc73d25230fa2b8eb6fxyzxyzxyz00ad9e19ce1c58a620fcad41d4eefa986bf
public:  ae66dd48e2fbaba48954af77cb21ca78b9bc666609a00528604655f4e0aade060931151551736a2e70b6ca39e83d886c5a98db159be7ba847d7fab2633d394bb
address: 0x1602562d4xyzxyzxyz1D357f0111963431AdBca68

On Linux

utils/linux/ethkey generate random

secret:  ecc73d25230fa2b8eb6f8dxyzxyzxyzad9e19ce1c58a620fcad41d4eefa986bf
public:  ae66dd48e2fbaba48954af77cb21ca78b9bc666609a00528604655f4e0aade060931151551736a2e70b6ca39e83d886c5a98db159be7ba847d7fab2633d394bb
address: 0x1602562dxyzxyzxyz51D357f0111963431AdBca68

The value of address is attributed to the ADDRESS variable inside the config file, like this:


The secret represents the private key and is attributed to the PRIVATE_KEY variable inside the config file, like this:


The content of the file 'config' at the end should be like this:


Store the keypair

The keypair you are generating represent the identity of your client and you are fully responsible to keep it safe. Do not share this information, or store it unencrypted outside your client environment.

Funding the wallet

Various options exist to fund the wallet, depending on the network the Ethernity client runs on.


The testnet is using bloxberg as blockchain infrastructure. The bloxberg faucet can be found at:

Just enter your wallet address (including 0x in front) in the form, fill the captcha and you will receive 0.2 bergs. 0.2 bergs is enough to run a few million transactions.

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