Create base stake

How to create a base stake pool

In order to start the staking process for both a base stake or an extended stake, a staker has to be on the Staking option at the top and then to selecte the NEW STAKE button

Below, we are about to initiate the creation of a base stake by using the minimum amount of 1,976 ETNY tokens for a period of 12 months. The Staking Wallet Address is the current wallet address which is connected through MetaMask to the staking dApp. The Node Wallet address is the wallet address configured on an active node which must have 0 ETNY tokens. All the staking rewards from this base stake will be sent to the wallet indicated by the operator when this base stake will be approved.

After clicking on the Review Stake button, a confirmation pop-ul will be shown below.

The only thing left to do is to confirm the transaction on the blockchain through MetaMask as shown below.

We have to wait for a bit so that the transaction will be propagated to the blockchain. Please refresh the page after about a minute or so to see the changes.

After the transaction took place the staker just needs to wait for the Node Operator to approve this base stake request on its own node. Please check the next section to learn how the approval proces looks like.

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