Create extended stake

How to create an extended stake pool

First, we have to login as a staker on the staking dApp as shown in the Connect wallet to dApp section. Please review it before continuing.

Once we are connected with the right wallet to the staking dApp we'll press the NEW STAKE button and choose the Extended Staking option as shown below.

In the picture above we are trying to create an extended staking pool for 24 months with the total staking amount of 100,000 ETNY tokens with a reward split of 50/50 between the staker and the node operator. Note that we are not using the Node wallet address so that this staking pool will be shown on the Marketplace. Also, we are not going to pre-approve it as we will do that in the Approve extended stake section and the extended staking pool must be split between multiple node operators in order for it to get fully allocated (e.g. first operator will take 60,000 ETNY tokens and the second one will apply for the remaining of 40,000 ETNY tokens)

After we are happy with our selection, we are going to press the Review Stake button in order to continue. Next step would be to confirm our selection as shown below.

Clicking on the Agree button will take us is to the MetaMask confirmation screen where we would need to Confirm the transaction as shown below.

Once Confirmed we can see our newly created staking pool in the Pending section as shown below.

We can also go to the Details section and see additional info.

Now that the extended staking pool has been created, we will be applying for a section of it using a node operator. Head to the next section to find out how.

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