We have the following elements in the above picture:

  1. Reward percentage from the staking contract for the first year. This reward will be 10% from the launch of the staking dApp until the end of 2023. The reward will drop each consecutive year afterwards (e.g. 9% in 2024, 8% in 2025 etc).

  2. Maturity period is the time that the tokens will be locked in the staking contract from the moment it has been approved by both parties (staker and node operator)

  3. The reward split defines the percentage that goes to the operator and staker (e.g. 45% for node operator and 55% for staker)

  4. The total amount of tokens for this particular staking pool created by the staker

  5. The option to cancel a staking pool when it reaches maturity

  6. Please see the details in the below picture

Here we can see the details related to this base staking contract and the wallet address (1.) which the staking pool has been delegated to.

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