Check SGX Support

Intel SGX check

There is no easy way to check SGX support in CPU and BIOS using Windows, therefore Linux is required to be installed to perform the checks.
Please check the section on Ubuntu Installation:

Operating System - Linux

Intel Software Guard Extension (SGX) functions are required for running an Ethernity NODE. To test if your environment supports SGX functions, run the small utility included in the repository:

1. Clone the repository

If you have not done so already, clone the repostiory.
git clone
cd mvp-pox-node
Run test-sgx


Extended feature bits (EAX=07H, ECX=0H)
eax: 0 ebx: 29c6fbf ecx: 0 edx: 0
sgx available: 1
CPUID Leaf 12H, Sub-Leaf 0 of Intel SGX Capabilities (EAX=12H,ECX=0)
eax: 1 ebx: 0 ecx: 0 edx: 241f
sgx 1 supported: 1
sgx 2 supported: 0
MaxEnclaveSize_Not64: 1f
MaxEnclaveSize_64: 24
The following values must be 1 to indicate SGX support by the CPU: sgx available
One of the following values must be 1 to indicate SGX support in the System/BIOS sgx 1 supported sgx 2 supported
Another way of telling SGX works as expected is a value other than 0 for the following: MaxEnclaveSize_64