Apply for an extended stake

Node operator applies for an extended stake

A node operator with an active base stake can and should apply for an extended stake pool to maximize gains. In order to do that the node operator needs to connect the node wallet address to the staking dApp. Please see sections Node address and private key, Import private key and Connect wallet to dApp for instructions on how to perform all these tasks.

Once we have our node wallet address connected to the staking dApp we have to browse the marketplace in order to find an extended stake pool which we could apply. In the picture below we can see the 100,000 ETNY tokens extended pool which was created in the previous step. We will apply with the maximum of 73,024 ETNY left available on the node. (base stake 1,976 + extended stake 73,024 = 75,000 ETNY maximum allowed on a node)

After the Apply button is clicked, we would need to confirm our selection and to instruct the staking dApp where to send the rewards to. Node wallet address is the current wallet connected to the staking dApp. The node operator would need to indicate where the rewards are sent by filling the Reward wallet address field.

Once the Agree button is pressed, we just need to confirm the MetaMask transaction as shown below.

We have to wait a few seconds for the transaction to go through and then will be able to see that we applied for this extended staking pool as shown in the picture below.

Now, we need to wait for the staker to approve our request. This is demonstrated in the next section.

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