Approve extended stake

A staker approves an extended stake request from a node operator

Our last step from the demo is to approve a request made by a node operator for 73,024 ETNY tokens from the total extended pool of 100,000 ETNY tokens. This action has to be done by the staker. We assume we are connected to the staking dApp already as shown in the Connect wallet to dApp section. We can see the node operator's request in the Pending section as shown below.

We are going to approve this request by clicking on the Approve button. A pop-ul will show up where we are going to confirm the Reward wallet address which was introduced when the extended staking pool was initially created.

After clicking on the Agree button, we just have to confirm the MetaMask transaction as shown below.

After the transaction is submitted to the blockchain we can see it in the Approved section as shown below.

That's it! Now we have an active staking contract between a staker and a node operator.

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