Approve base stake

How to approve a base stake

A node operator has to approve or decline a base stake request made by a staker. In order to do that the node operator has to connect to the staking dApp with the node wallet address through MetaMask. Please check the following sections Node address and private key and Import private key for how to achieve that.

After the node operator connects the node wallet to the staking dApp he or she is taken to the Homepage as shown in the above picture. We can observe that we are identified as a Node Operator in the top right corner and the NEW STAKE button is disabled.

In order to approve the Pending base stake request from a staker we have to go to the Pending screen.

We will click on the Approve button to start the staking request for this pool. A pop-up will be seen as shown in the picture below. The node operator has to add the reward wallet address where all the rewards will be sent and to click on the Agree button.

Last step is to Sign the transaction on the blockchain by using the MetaMask addon.

After the transaction is completed on the blockchain we could go to the Approved section to confirm it.

Now that we have a base stake in place which is smaller than 5,000 ETNY tokens, we need an extended stake on the same node so that both the staker and the node operator will start to receive the staking rewards.

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