Running the Client

The client takes 2 parameters:

-s is the script that should run inside the remote enclave -f is the fileset that is uploaded together with the script

Included in the repository there are two scripts: and

./pox-do -s scripts/cos-bench/ -f scripts/cos-bench/fileset

./pox-do was not initialized yet
Requirements fot the ./pox-do are the following:
1. ipfs daemon running and listening on localhost:5000
2. python3 with pip
3. ipfshttpclient python module
4. web3 python module
Proceed with automated initalization [Y/n]: y
Initializing... done
2020-12-19 10:37:17.132170 Submitting transaction for DO request
2020-12-19 10:37:24.624422 Request 377 created successfuly!
2020-12-19 10:37:24.625400 TX Hash: 0x7fe587cc6b04c12a801e9963cecda35ddb0367266d225f02ecd441176221ac41

Some errors might show during Initialization, however if the client submits a request and a transaction is created, the errors can be ignored.

The initialization occurs only the first time the client it started. What the initialization does is install the required python modules and then download and start the ipfs daemon. It connects the ipfs daemon to for faster hash propagation.

Your own python script

Using the -s and -f parameters you can run your own python scripts. Currently there are some limitations on what python modules and libraries are included on the python enclave. If you need specific python libraries or modules, please contact us.

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