Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Experimental)

This section describes the necessary steps to perform the installation of Ubuntu 22.04


Please find below a step-by-step guide on how to install Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS with screenshots at every step.
Select first option to begin
Choose your desired language. Please use English in case any troubleshooting will be required
Leave the default option selected (Ubuntu server) and press the Enter button
Choose your Keyboard Layout
Your ethernet cable should get an IP address automatically through DHCP (in our case we have
No proxy needed in our case, but your case could be different
Leave this option selected as default or change the servers if you need to do that
Update to the latest Installer or continue without
Use the entire disk or choose what option suites you best. The node requires at least 128 GB
Confirm the selection and choose Done to continue
All your data on the hard drive will be lost!!! Continue
Setup the Profile as you see fit and select Done to continue

SSH Connection

Select Install OpenSSH server and continue
No selection is required here. Select Done to continue
Wait for the installation to complete and Reboot Now
Press Enter to reboot
Login to your new OS using the username and password created above
Make a note of you IPv4 address to use it in the next step

SSH Connection

Please continue to the SSH Connection session to find out on how to connect to your node remotely.