Welcome to Ethernity CLOUD's Hardware Affiliate Program

Ethernity Cloud is building a global ecosystem of computer nodes powered by Intel SGX for WEB 3.0 decentralized confidential computing.

To support the rapid expansion of the Ethernity CLOUD ecosystem, we developed our Hardware Affiliate Program (HAP).

In the Ethernity CLOUD ecosystem, we partner with companies and individuals that have the capacity to develop and sustain our ecosystem of nodes, following the specs we provide in terms of hardware and software.

Hardware Affiliates are businesses that can provide pre-configured nodes to our community. They need to fill out the Registration Form and provide the credentials needed to deliver pre-configured nodes.

Node Operators are the individuals that purchase their node(s) from our Hardware Affiliates, set up their account, then connect their node(s) following our specific requirements, in order to be granted their base stake.

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