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Send ENTY - Optional step
How to sent ETNY


In order to send ENTY from one wallet to another or to pay for computing tasks you will need bergs from the Bloxberg blockchain to pay the transaction fee. In order to obtain bergs you will need to go to https://faucet.bloxberg.org/ and request bergs for free. Just put use your public wallet address and your bergs will be added to your wallet in up to 2 minutes.


To send ETNY you have to click on "Send ETNY" button as shown below. Please note the button will be shown when you hover with your mouse next to the arrow.
Click on "SEND ETNY"

Add Recipient

Paste the public wallet address of the person you want to sent ETNY and click Next. In this case from my 2 ETNY I'm going to send 1 ETNY to 0x2a97c226835DB65dd2599bdE57C40feD2f691021. The transaction fee will be paid in bergs so make sure you have bergs available!
Click Next after you've pasted the wallet address


Please confirm the transfer.
Click "Confirm"


While you wait for the transaction to be completed you can see the Status of the transaction by clicking on the ETNY Token.


After a short period of time you can see the transaction has been successful.

Transaction details

You can also see the transaction details by clicking on the "Send ETNY" button after the transaction has been completed
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