Wallet Validation

Step-by-step guide to validate your wallet

Open Website

Open https://ethernity.cloud/token.html and click on the "Login "option


Login using your username and password

Authentication Code

Paste your Authentication Code received via email

My Profile

Click on the icon and then select the Round you'd like to confirm your wallet for
Login to MetaMask
Click the "paste" button to connect your MetaMask wallet

Select Wallet

Select which wallet you would like to use to receive your ETNY tokens and click Next

Confirm Metamask connection

Accept that MetaMask would like to view your wallet and click Connect

Confirm Wallet

After you visually confirm the wallet address please click on "Confirm Wallet"
Click on "Sign" button


Note: If you're performing the Wallet Validation on a smartphone (Android/IOS) please open the MetaMask app first and then go to the Menu and select Browser.