Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

This section describes the necessary steps to perform the installation of Ubuntu 18.04


Please find below a step by step guide on how to install Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS with screenshots at every step.
Choose your desired language. Please use English in case troubleshooting is required.
Please select your Country, we used United Kingdom
We had a UK keyboard layout and selected No for this question
Keyboard Layout English (UK) in our case, but feel free to select what suits your configuration best
Confirming Keyboard Layout English (UK)
We used "ubuntu" as a hostname but feel free to change it
Username for the account
Full name of the account
Re-enter Password
Confirm or select time zone
Use the entire disk and set up LVM
select your desired drive
Click on Yes to save the changes to disk
Leave the default value. The entire disk will be used
Select <Yes> to confirm the changes
We just used Continue without any proxy serve, but this is where you'd enter your proxy details
We prefer to update the box manually so "No automatic updates"
Press SPACE while highlighting "OpenSSH server" to select it and then ENTER to continue.
Select <Yes> for GRUB to install on the master boot record
We're done! Select Continue to reboot the system
This is how it looks after first login

Check if SSH Service running

If you've followed the Installation from above the SSH server should already be enabled.
You can double check if the ssh server is running by executing "systemctl status ssh"

IP address

Run "ifconfig" to get the IP address of the network interface.

SSH Connection

Please continue to the SSH Connection session to find out on how to connect to your node remotely.